Seven Property Management

Seven Property Management (7PM) is a full-service property management firm that provides quality management services for all of your property management needs. 7PM is the result of professionals from various professional backgrounds coming together to form a comprehensive property management entity.

Under the direction of dedicated team leaders, our property management professionals focus on a pro-active problem prevention process rather than problem resolution. Such a philosophy distinguishes 7PM from the competition, resulting in the maximization of asset protection and increased levels of comfort, service and satisfaction for our clients' properties.

What Distinguishes Us From The Competition?

  1. We have professionally certified and established professionals at every level.
  2. When you hire 7PM, you are not just getting a property manager, but a dedicated team of professionals that represent the best-in-class service within their area of specialization.
  3. Among our primary points of focus are receivables and preventive maintenance. By helping property owners effectively maintain their capital assets through comprehensive O & M Preventive Maintenance Programs, we help our clients avoid unexpected and costly repairs.
  4. Our "Quality Assurance Program" - the principles of 7PM are actively involved in the day-to-day affairs of the management and execution of our business. Accountability is the name-of-the-game and even property owners are encouraged to contact the management of 7PM to express concerns. In addition, the executive staff of 7PM continuously reaches out to its clients on a regular basis to monitor execution, implementation, and customer satisfaction.

We are innovating asset management through the leveraging of technology.

Our use of technology expedites the communication flow, allowing for the most timely and accurate updates, assessments and execution.

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Real Estate Services

7PM is prepared to meet your Real Estate needs for all types of commercial real estate including: multi-family residential, shopping centers, industrial land, and office buildings.

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Management Services

7PM provides property management services for all types of real estate including: multi-family residential, shopping centers, industrial land, vacant lots and administration office buildings.

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